How To Wear Tricky Shoe Trends

by Anna P. | December 25th, 2013 | Shoes, Women's Fashion

shoeShoes are essential for every fashionista. Every woman wants to grow her collection of pumps, sandals, boots, wedges, and more. For those who enjoy the latest shoe trends, trying to figure out how to wear certain styles can prove to be a bit of a challenge. We’re going to name three amazing trends you can wear and how you can make them work.

1- Printed Shoes

Printed shoes or any printed accessory for that matter is a trend that’s difficult to master. Solid print shoes are easiest to wear as they tend to work with just about anything (especially if the shoes come in dark colors). Printed shoes work best with solid garments. Those who have mastered the delicate art of mixing prints should attempt pairing printed shoes with other printed pieces on a few conditions. The items in question should not match in color or print. Don’t wear a polka dotted dress with polka dotted pumps. You should opt for shoes that are in the same color family as the garment.

2- Flat Boots

Flat boots don’t elevate your height but they do elevate your fashion sense. Bring our your inner bohemian fashionista by pairing up these boots with long skirts/dresses or jeans. Look for western-style or equestrian boots with fun details for added flare. These boots are easy to rock once you know how. The best styles often come in brown, black, or gray. If you want to brighten up your look with a bit of color, try red boots. Flat boots are ideal for fashionistas who want a break from heels or for those who don’t want high-boots.

3- Ballerina-Style Flats

You don’t need to be a professional dancer to rock a pair of ballerina-style flats. These shoes add feminine flare to just about any look. These shoes look great with jeans, leggings, pants, skirts, suits, and more. Opt for a pair of simple black or brown flats that will work with everything. If you love print, try a pair of leopard print flats instead. If you want several pairs of flats including embellished or brightly colored shoes. You’ll love all the stylish possibilities that come from wearing these shoes.

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