I want to talk to the manager!

by Joe Lawrence | April 7th, 2009 | Home Shopping, Money Saving Hints, Sales

picHave you ever had a terrible experience dealing with customer service?  How about a faulty product that no one would return?  Ever just felt wronged by a company?  I have.  Let me tell you how to handle it.

I am ashamed to say that I learned these techniques when I was a teenager.  There were certain friends who would get free food when they had no money.  Although I had too great a conscience to use my powers for evil, I still clung to them.

Thought number one: Very few people ever complain with a point.  After being treated wrongly, people often hurl insults and share their experience with the front line employees who really have no power to do anything about your problem.  Basically, they don’t care.

Solution: Be polite to the clerk, and ask him by name to speak to his manager because you weren’t happy with whatever.  When you get to the manager share your story and tell her what you want in return.  Maybe you just want your money back or maybe you feel you deserve something “extra.”  Often you will be rewarded for your troubles because many companies know that an angry customer will share his experience with nine other people.  A happy one is only likely to share with three.

Thought number two: No is not an acceptable answer.  Many times the manager will not offer to do anything for you.  She only wants to get you out of the store.  These managers are often sly and protective of their quarterly profit bonuses.

Solution: Call the head manager or the corporate office.  When talking to this new person, again share your story.  Focus on how the experience made you feel.  Emotions are tough to dismiss.

Be persistent.  When I was deployed to Iraq my wife lost Internet (our only form of communication).  The repair man came and made the problem worse.  I emailed the company and was blown off numerous times.  I persisted until I got through to them and was heavily rewarded with a free month’s service.  Just remember that “no” is not an answer.

  1. Windroot says:

    After I retired I worked retail for a couple of years and I agree that if you aren’t happy, don’t waste time on the clerk or the department manager for that matter. Go right to the store manager. He or she is the only one with any real authority and will almost always give you some accommodation. The other thing I learned is that there are some incredibly pushy people and guess what, they get more than the ones who are polite and calm.

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