If It Ain’t Broke…Don’t Buy It

by Joe Lawrence | June 1st, 2010 | Shopping Secrets

I am a huge fan of looking for ways to save money.  My wife and I are both pretty frugal for the most part.  Both of us find deals.  She seeks out sales and discounts for just about everything that she buys.  I on the other hand seek out reasons not to buy stuff.  Both systems help us, but I am going to discuss mine.

When I open the cabinet with our household cleaning supplies, I am bombarded with many cleaners for every situation.  There are counter-top cleaners, stainless steel polish and just about everything else you can imagine.  What kills me is that most of these bottles are still pretty full.

Now, my wife and I live in a very clean home.  The bottles are not full from lack of cleaning, rather because they are not what work for us.  Which is why I titled this posting as I did.  So, why buy them all?

“New and Improved,” grip my wife’s attention the same as “HD or GB” grab my own.  Even though we have found ways and cleaners that work great for our home and our needs, these tricky words entice us.  We start to think that if we buy this new cleaner, our lives will magically become effortless.  In most cases, this is far from true.  We are simply trying to replace something that works with something else that might work.

As I was taught the number one rule of military maintenance long ago, “If it ain’t broke, get away from it.”  The problem becomes that we seek out solutions to problems that have already been solved.  There is no reason for me to seek out another counter-top cleaner when the one we have works perfectly.

Sure, if there is a way to achieve the same results with less cost, we can all rejoice.  However, there is evidently a huge R&D cost associated with things that are, “New and Improved.”  My advice to you is that when something you do works, save the money and cabinet space by sticking with it.

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