Inexpensive Party Ideas

by Lori Sciame | June 20th, 2011 | Shopping Secrets

Time to celebrate!

Parties abound in summer, including graduations, weddings, and baby showers. Shopping for these events can be costly, yet there are ways to make these kinds of celebrations not only affordable, but memorable as well. Try one or more of these budget friendly ideas for your next bash.

Graduation Party Decorations

Decorating for graduation parties held in your home can be very expensive if you don’t pre-plan or think “outside the box.” Since I knew my son would be attending college in New Orleans, I had a Mardi Gras theme for his party. I purchased colorful beads, feather masks, paper plates, napkins, confetti, and other accessories on clearance – after Mardi Gras ended in the spring. I saved a bundle, and my son loved the décor.

Think about your own special graduate…where is he or she going to school? What are his or her hobbies? When you branch away from traditional graduation party items, you invariably save money.

Wedding Treat Bags

Traditionally, the bride and groom give guests a small gift for participating in their special day. Long ago, inexpensive match books, imprinted with the names of the bride and groom, were the rage, but now couples can spend anywhere from $5.00 to even $15.00 per person on a variety of different mementos.

One way to save money, while at the same time pleasing your guests, is to make your own decadent treat bags. First you will need inexpensive (clear) party bags from the local dollar store. (They are approximately the size of paper lunch bags). I found 10 for $1.00. Next, purchase decorative stickers to match the theme of your wedding; I used gold hearts for mine. Then purchase curling ribbon in a color to match your flowers or the bridesmaid dresses. Finally, buy an assortment of good quality chocolates, including, dark, milk, and white (preferably when on sale).

To assemble, place the stickers one inch from the bottom of the bag in a uniform manner. Next, cut approximately four inches off the top, and fill the bag with the amount of candy you desire. Finish them by tying the bag with the ribbon.

I am sure your guests will love them, and you will love the price…under $2.00 per bag. Best of all, you can have diabetic candy versions available as well.

Baby Shower Show Stoppers

Balloons remain a baby shower staple. They don’t cost a lot, and they come in a variety of colors. If you conduct a quick search on the Internet, you will find a host of creative ideas for balloons. I found a cute, four foot tall balloon baby bottle that took the author approximately 45 minutes to make. Other ideas include a rainbow balloon arch, and even a balloon centerpiece. Scattering balloons on the floor near the present and/or food table also helps create a festive atmosphere. (Remember, balloons can choke a young child. You may not want to use them if you are expecting little ones to attend the shower).

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