Interview Attire Explained

by Lori Sciame | May 22nd, 2013 | Office Wear

workGetting a job can be extremely difficult in today’s economy; therefore, it has become even more important to dress appropriately for an interview.  As a general rule, one should dress at a level that is a little more dressy than that particular office requires.  For example, if khaki pants and casual shirts are the norm, then wear dress slacks and a dressy blouse to the interview.  There are several other tips to keep in mind when choosing attire for an all important interview.  Read this post to learn more.

Clean and Pressed

Show up to the interview in clean clothes that have been freshly pressed.  If you need to travel a long distance for the interview, and you need to stop to eat beforehand, you may want to carry an extra shirt with you; this is especially important if you tend to be a dribbler of both drinks and food!  I can say in all honesty, a person who shows up for a job, any job, looking like his or her clothes have been slept in, then the interview will be less successful.

Fit and Fashionable

Another thing to keep in mind concerning interview clothing is correct fit.  Clothes must be the right size, neither too tight or too baggy.  Keep in mind that it really doesn’t matter if a person weighs a lot or a little; what matters is that her clothes fit correctly.  In addition to fitting well, clothing should be reasonably in fashion.  Steer clear of clothing that seems outdated, as your skills will be deemed as outdated as well.

Eschew Flashy Attire

Clothing that draws attention to itself for being too trendy or too flashy should be avoided.  It doesn’t matter that clashing patterns – polka dot tops and striped pants – have been classified as fashionable; they should not be worn to an office interview.  In addition, you may love the look of the backless blouse over a lacy bra, but a potential boss will not.

Never Ignore Footwear

Even if one puts together a fabulous outfit, worn and dirty shoes will ruin the entire look; therefore, don’t ignore footwear when going on an interview.  Steer clear of spike heels, flip flops, and sneakers.  Opt for closed toe pumps or chic flats instead.

Accessorize Carefully

Accessories should be understated.  Instead of wearing huge gold hoops or three dangling (and noisy) bracelets, go for studs and a single bracelet or watch.  One’s accessories should never take the interviewer’s attention away from you selling herself.

Hair and Nails

Although technically not part of an outfit, one’s hair and nails should still be carefully considered when going on interviews.  At the very least, have clean, clipped fingernails, and make sure you style your hair.  If you have long hair, it is best to wear it back, away from the face in order to be taken more seriously.

Pay attention to your overall look when going on a job interview, and you will have a much better chance at getting a job.  Good luck!

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