It’s Time to Think Winter Scarves, Ladies- Think Pashmina!

by Patti | November 3rd, 2009 | Fashion, Women's Fashion

scarvesI am a scarf kind of lady. I love scarves. I own a variety of seasonal scarves in a selection of materials and colors. While I do not look forward to the onset of cold weather, I do look forward to mixing and matching my scarves with different coats and jackets. Where I live I need a thin scarf to keep my neck warm by mid to late October, and shortly after that it is time for a cozier scarf to keep my neck toasty as winter inches its way even closer. Brrrr!

Scarves are an unstoppable accessory for the dreary winter months, especially if they add some color to neutral colored outerwear such as a black or brown coat. You might decide to wear a scarf that coordinates with the dress or skirt you are wearing. You also might decide to choose the same color scheme for your hat, scarf and gloves. Be aware, however, that keeping colors similar is advisable, but you do not have to choose the exact same type of fabric to pull the look together.

Look in any department store, any specialty store that sells winter outerwear and online to find a tremendous selection of scarves. They range in price, so you can choose a cheaper scarf to wear when you dig snow and a more expensive one for going to work or socializing.

When it comes to winter scarves, the pashmina is one of the first to come to mind. Pashmina is a soft material that is not scratchy like the woolen scarves your grandmother knit for you when you were children. They are also warm but not so heavy that they will make your neck sweat. Pashmina is also wonderful to the touch.

In case you are not familiar with pashmina and don’t have it hanging in your closet as you read this, pashmina is a kind of fine cashmere wool that is combined with other fabrics and is used to make scarves, shawls and afghans. The wool comes from the pashmina goat, which lives in the high altitudes of the Himalayas. These goats also live in the Gobi Desert, which is an area in Inner and Outer Mongolia.

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