Keep the Tag on

by Joe Lawrence | November 5th, 2009 | Fashion, Money Saving Hints

tagsI once bought a shirt that I loved on the rack.  This polo style shirt even looked great on the mannequin.  I knew the size was right, and there was no perceivable reason to try this on in the store.  Once I got home, I ripped the tags off and threw the shirt in the washer to get the store funk off of it.  I put the shirt on and stepped in front of the mirror.  It was not my style at all and looked quite hideous on me.

At this point I was stuck.  I spent all of  this money on a shirt I would never wear.  Because the tags were removed, I couldn’t even return it for a refund.  Now, I am mad.  Lesson learned about trying things on first, or was it?

When we discovered we were having a baby, we had to stock the nursery.  My wife’s nesting instinct would make most birds jealous.  We bought lots of clothes.  Many different styles, shapes and sizes.  We wanted to make sure all the bases were covered and no detail forgotten.

We even thought it was a great idea to make sure everything was washed and placed in its special drawer.  Our nursery needed to be ready in case the baby came early and needed 12 outfits within the first day.  There is obviously nothing wrong with being prepared.  However, as first time parents we had jumped the gun a bit.

We had no idea that certain clothes were just not practical.  There is no way we are going to put a four piece outfit on each day to only have to strip it off a screaming baby with each diaper change.  To top it off, she is almost out of her newborn sized clothes.  Therefore, there are numerous articles that will never be worn by my daughter.  But they are washed and all the tags have been removed.  They are ours for life.

Moral of this rambling is to always, always, always try on something before you remove the tag and add it to your closet.

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