Keys to Buying the Everyday Shoe

by Mackenzie M. | February 20th, 2013 | Men's Shopping

sperryThis week I went on my first quest in a great while in search of the perfect shoe. While there are the occasional standards for college aged men, no shoe seems to be more important than the everyday street shoe. Now, note that this does not mean any kind of athletic/tennis shoe. The street shoe should not include much rubber, and it should be available for use in both semi professional and everyday settings. Keep in mind the clothes in your wardrobe, and set out on your own quest for the perfect everyday shoe that fits within your budget.

When searching for the perfect everyday shoe, be sure to keep your pants in mind. You can wear nearly any color or style of shoe with jeans, except for shiny shoes obviously intended for dressier occasions. Casual pants, such as chinos, pair well with most shoes, but particularly well with loafers. The ornamentation and style of the shoe will guide you toward the ultimate style goal in mind. Beware of tassles or buckles on shoes, however, as these tend to be on the dressier side of the spectrum. As far as pairing with dress pants, an entire book could be written on the subject. Be sure to stick with the classic black or brown shiny shoe and make sure that it matches the accompanying belt.

There are several general rules to abide by when picking out the everyday shoe. Remember that the shoe should match or be darker than your accompanying pants. For example, one of my most successful shoe/pants combinations was a light tan chino pant with a dark brown Sperry boat shoe. This is a classic look that is especially popular in the southern and northeastern United States. Another rule to remember is that socks do not necessarily need to match shoes. Instead, think of socks as you would a tie. A great pair of socks, like a tie, can bring an entire outfit together if it has the right contrasting color and patterns. Finally, if you are wearing a belt, be sure to pick out a pair of shoes that matches the belt. Nothing looks better than a properly matched belt and shoe combination. Keep in mind that this will also go far in dressier occasions as well.

On my shoe quest, patience was the name of the game. After searching some of the more expensive stores, I found a great deal on Ralph Lauren Polo everyday shoes for only $29! This is considered a great bargain, as they are priced near $100 at some of the bigger department stores. Be sure to look around at many stores, especially at outlet malls, for the best deals on even the most expensive shoes. Sperry outlets dot the country, with a particularly large location in Gulfport, Mississippi. There, Sperry’s of all shapes and sizes can be found for up to 70% off.

Remember, color, pattern, and pairing are the aspects to keep in mind when purchasing your next pair of everyday shoes.

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