Lace Crochet Shorts

by Sam P. | August 11th, 2015 | Casual Bottoms, Teen Fashion

crochet lace (400x400)These lightweight and cute shorts are incredibly popular today.  They are light and comfy, perfect for a hot summer day.  They go great with any outfit.  You can edge them up for a grungier vibe, or take them the other way for a chic girly outfit.  They are available at most department stores, and most young adult female stores.  Charlotte Russe has them, as well as Forever 21.  I find they are easier to find in store at Charlotte Russe, and that Forever 21’s website is easier to navigate, but they can still be found in store.

My favorite shorts are layered cream lace shorts.  They have a tie at the waist and are so comfy.  (To be honest, they aren’t mine, they are a friend’s; I wish they were mine.)  The layers make the shorts appear ruffly and like a skirt from the front.

These shorts literally go with everything.  You can wear them simply with a tank top and sandals for a light and comfy casual outfit.  A peach ribbed tank tucked into these shorts looks super cute.  Pair that with a pair of brown gladiator sandals and you are ready for anything the day has to give you.

They also look great for a concert or something a little more edgy.  Throw on a black muscle tank and some long layered necklaces for a grungy vibe.  You can make your own muscle tank if you don’t have one.  Simply pick an old battered up t-shirt that you like and cut the sleeves off.  If you like, you can cut the bottom of the shirt as well for a rougher look, and so it isn’t too long.  (Being 5’2″ most shirts are too long on me.)  You can cut the neck out as well if you like.  Throw on combat boots or Converse and you are ready to walk out the door.

If you have a nice, more formal event to go to, you can once again wear these shorts.  A floral tank top (tucked in or not is your choice) goes perfectly with the ruffled lace.  With a pair of knee high socks and short heels (Mary Janes, pumps, or ankle booties all work) you look professional and cute all in one.  Add on a light jacket or blazer and you look great for an interview or a date.

Even though the summer is coming to an end shortly you can still rock these through fall with long sleeves and high socks.  If you are perpetually cold as I am, I still suggest getting the end of the season deal and buying them now.

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