Lipstick Rules of Thumb

by Delaney M. | July 12th, 2012 | Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion

When it comes to make-up, there are many do’s and don’ts that come along with the territory. If a woman wants to look proper and sophisticated, the application of her make-up has to be properly applied. That being said, choosing the perfect lipstick/gloss/balm that goes along with the rest of your make-up is key.

When deciding what color to apply to your lips, you should choose a theme. Whether that be the season, clothing choices, or chosen career, a category should be considered.

Matching your lipstick to whatever season it may be is always an easy way to decide what will look appropriate for you. Starting with spring, pastel lip shades, such as light pinks, nudes, or oranges work. It is good to keep it light and airy to go along with the feeling of spring. For summer, wearing a vibrant pink, purple, or orange will go great with the way you feel in the intense sunshine. It is when you can express yourself the best, and typically the brighter colors can be found to be playful during this season. For fall, you should use colors that are more warm feeling. Wearing a warm shade of red, nude,or brown will give your look the warmth it needs for the fall style. As for winter, this is the season where wearing a bright red would look spectacular. Although reds can be worn year round, with the somberness of wintertime, wearing the perfect red shade adds contrast to the dullness of the season. Especially if you live somewhere where there is snow. During winter, any shade of red looks great!

Besides matching your lip color to the season, having it go along with your type of dress is also very important. Obviously, not all lipstick options will look good with every color or style of outfit. I would never suggest wearing a shade of purple lipstick with green, unless you are willing to look like Barney the Dinosaur. This is why you must always be conscious of your color palette. Wearing pinks and nudes look best with brighter and vibrant color clothing. I would only suggest wearing a red lipstick if you are wearing a black, white, or blue piece of clothing; however, if more than one item of clothing on you is blue, do not wear red lipstick because that is a bad combination.

Last but not least, your career says a lot about what color your lips can be. If you are a businesswoman, you can get away with just about every color there is; however, if you work as a police officer wearing anything but a nude or barely there lip color while on duty would look inappropriate. Your career coincides with the style of make-up you choose to apply. Realizing and following this is key to keeping it classy on the job.

Choosing what kind of lipstick to wear can be more crucial than many think. Just keep in mind season, dress, and career while deciding, and you will be successful!

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