Long Pencil Skirts

by Sam P. | November 3rd, 2016 | Casual Bottoms, Teen Fashion

pencil skirts (400x400)

The junior section at Macy’s is often hit or miss, but on the skirts recently it has been quite a hit.  This season I have been obsessed with long pencil skirts, the ones that hit at about mid-calf to just below the knee length.  They are great because they are fitted and look fantastic on everyone, but also are school appropriate.  I don’t know about you, but my school has but a strict ban on anything with spandex in it, so tube skirts are a no go.  Before I found these whenever I had to dress up it was always with a dress, and I love dresses, but sometimes I’m just not in a dress mood.  But now I can dress up in a skirt without getting in trouble.

Right now on Macy’s website you can find skirts for $15 which is pretty much a steal because I’ve seen them at other places for $75 or more.  These skirts look great with or without tights, as well as with ankle booties, pumps, flats, even Converse if you wear it right.

One great outfit is a long pencil skirt with a button down blouse tucked in.  It looks cute, yet official and very office appropriate.  This is great if you have a job interning or as a secretary at an office after school.  You can wear this to school with flats and then change into heels before you run into work.

Another cute way to wear these is with a crop top.  Throw on a fun and flirty crop top, I have a Tweety Bird one I adore, and a jacket to look fun and fancy at the same time.  This is an outfit that would work well with converse.  It adds a more fun and childlike feel to the outfit while the skirt keeps it professional looking.

These skirts can also look great with sweaters.  A baggy sweater that is long in the back and short in the front will pair perfectly with this on a chillier day.

My favorite thing about this skirt is the fact that it doesn’t ride up.  Often times when I have a tube skirt on I feel myself subconsciously pulling it down all the time.  Because it is made of mostly spandex and Lycra it wants to stay tight so when you walk and your legs spread apart some the skirt will ride up because it wants to stay tight and not stretch out.  Not only will these pencil skirts not do that, they can’t.  Because they fall below your knee they it is just about impossible for them to ride up all the way to your hips like tube skirts will.

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