Looking for the Right Activewear

by Cricket Webber | October 7th, 2015 | Athletic Wear, Women's Fashion

woman exercising (400x400)When you’re looking for workout clothes, there are a lot of different options out there. But if you’re not comfortable baring it all, you can veer too far in the other direction. The problem is that you can wind up injuring yourself or causing other problems, such as unsightly bra issues and skin conditions. Follow these four tips and you can avoid all that, though.

Get Rid of the Baggy Gear

If you’re just getting into working out regularly, you might be a little uncomfortable with showing off too much of yourself. Regardless, super baggy workout gear just makes you look bigger than you are. And besides that? It can be dangerous. While you’re bending and twisting, it’s too easy to step on baggy workout clothing or to have it get caught up in machines. You don’t have to go the “second skin” route, but you really do need to rethink the supersized clothing.

Look for Gear that “Wicks”

Fabric that holds moisture, such as cotton, gets really uncomfortable shortly after you start sweating. And then you feel nasty and smelly and you start to chafe. None of that is conducive to getting a good workout in. What you want instead is any fabric that has wicking tendencies. Wicking, in this instance, means that the fabric captures the moisture on your skin and then shuttles it out to the outer layers of the fabric, letting the moisture evaporate more quickly. You’ll stay drier and more comfortable.

Get a Sports Bra That Fits

It’s pretty much common knowledge by now that most women are in the wrong size bra. That’s bad enough, but when your sports bra is the wrong size, that can give you even more trouble. Your sports bra is there to support you while you’re running, walking, or doing any other exercise. Look for a sports bra that fits your overall body size rather than your cup size. Sports bras should never create any sort of bulges or weird spots if they’re sized properly. The right one will look smooth and it will be comfortable without riding up. Oh, and replace it often, because sports bras take a beating.

Try It On

No matter what, it’s essential that you try on your new workout gear before you go exercise. If you just go by sizes, you’re liable to be disappointed. Every brand sizes their clothing just a little bit differently, so if you go by sizes alone, you’re going to get a wide range of different results. Try the clothes on and do a few test moves to see how your new gear will handle your activities.

Now you can enjoy your workouts knowing that you’re properly suited up.

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