Make Winter Clearance Sales Work for You

by R. Carnavale | January 15th, 2014 | Current Trends, Women's Fashion

clearance (1279x1280)Does your winter wardrobe need a lift? Are you sick and tired of your outwear or sweater collection? If so, a winter clearance sale may provide a great way to spruce up your wardrobe for pennies on the dollar. After the holidays and long before the snow starts to melt and the temperatures rise, department stores and boutiques will start putting their winter merchandise on sale. Whether you’re looking for a new wool coat or some fashionable gloves, learning how to navigate the winter clearance sale waters will help you save money, replace tired or worn clothing items and build up your wardrobe, so here are some great tips to get you started this season:

This is a great time expand your current wool coat collection with short, car-coat length, ankle-length and three-quarter-length styles. Check out the sales at JC Penney and Kohl’s for exciting wool and wool-blend coats, jackets, pea coats and capes in petites, regular and plus sizes.

This is the time to pick up anything in leather — coats, pants, skirts, gloves and boots are on sale with huge discounts. Banana Republic has some great deals on leather belts, duffle bags, work bags, jackets, gloves, shoes and boots.

Clearance sales are a great way to replenish your wardrobe for basic, un-trendy items like sweaters and classic coats. It’s usually best to stick with classic styles and colors rather than purchasing something that’s trending now because you don’t want to blow a lot of money on something that will be out of style next winter. This is especially true for short skirts, boots with funky heels and trendy pants.

Comb websites and sale catalogs to get an overall picture of the best deals.

Best to get an early start and shop in January, when the pickings are plentiful, rather than in February, when quality sales items are scarce. This holds especially for winter boots, scarves, hats and ski jackets. If, for some reason, you can’t purchase these items in January, you might consider waiting until next year, when merchandise stock levels are more robust.

Items that are stained or damaged are no bargain.

No matter how low the price, resist the temptation to purchase items that are slightly off in terms of color, size or style because if the item is the wrong color, size or style, all of the savings in the world won’t make it right.

Buy only that which you truly love — whether it’s on sale or full price — after all, it’s your wardrobe and you deserve only the best!

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