Makeup Necessities, Part I

by Sam P. | May 27th, 2014 | Sam's Suggestions

red lipstick (400x400)There are a few key items of makeup that every girl must own.  Not to mention key tips to applying them.  Over the next few weeks I will tell you how to apply each and every one of these girl’s best friends.

Red lipsticks: For each skin tone there is a corresponding red lipstick.  There are charts online where you can find them.  The trick to getting a long lasting red pout is the perfect application.  Start by applying a moisturizing lip balm before you apply any makeup.  Your lipstick will be the last to go on, so let that soak in while you apply the rest of your makeup.  Once your lips are perfectly moisturized, apply a base of foundation for the richest color possible from your lipstick.  Now line your lips using a pencil if you can find one that matches or with a thin brush and the lipstick.  After you are done with that fill your lips in.  You don’t need to do this with a brush, but you can if you prefer to.  I find a brush helps the lipstick apply more evenly and it keeps you from going off your lips as easily.  Now take a tissue and hold it up to your lips.  Brush your face powder over the tissue onto your lips with even strokes.  This acts as a setting powder.  Repeat this a few times (paint your lips and set) but no more than three.  If you over do this you lips will become cakey.  On your last time of applying your lipstick don’t cover with powder.  If you want a matte finish use a red blush and pat it onto your lips with your finger.  If you want a glossy finish gently swipe on some gloss.  You can even skip this last step if you like the way your lips look as they are.

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