Men Don’t Shop, They Hunt

by Joe Lawrence | March 3rd, 2009 | Money Saving Hints, Sales

TouchThere are very few men out there who like to “shop.”  Most men walk into a store, go right to the item they are looking for, pick it up, pay and leave.  Simple enough.  I know this quite well and as a guy, I lived this way for many years.  However, marriage has reformed me…slightly.

Stores are designed for women because retailers know that women love to shop.  This is why there are all those girl magazines and girlie items in the checkout aisles.  Men usually look at them and laugh.  Now, onto my reform.   My wife is a shopper.  She will look at every bottle of whatever, to see which is the best.  She will try on twenty shirts she doesn’t like to re-affirm her decision of the one she does.

I often would go shopping with her because I love to savor our time together, and there is simply no other way to make time stand still.  Observing her made me feel like the Crocodile Hunter.  It became apparent that she was a really smart shopper and usually buys the better deal.  Her drawn out decisions were weighing the options of fashion, finance and function.

Being a true student of life, I adopted some of these tactics.  When I go to the store, my routine has been altered.  I still know what I am going for and usually have done some research into the item.  I still seek out my item.  What has changed is my blind grab and go strategy.

Once I get the item in my hands I think about possible alternatives.  Are similar items on the same rack a better bargain?  Am I buying the right amount?  Is there something else that would be a suitable sub?

For example, I was buying a cooler to brine a turkey in for Thanksgiving.  Coolers that were of size were very expensive.  I began to wonder about other options.  All I needed was a box to hold ice that is similar in size.  Storage bins!  I went to closet storage bins and got a perfect one much more cheaply.

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