Men’s Boot Trends for 2013

by Kimberly Hays | August 7th, 2013 | Men's Shopping

bootsBoots are always a staple in a man’s winter wardrobe. Whether he wears suits or is more of a “jeans and sweater kind of guy,” a fashionable pair of boots is essential to pull together his look. As trends change from season to season, adding a new pair of boots to your wardrobe can renew last year’s clothing. This fall, there is a focus on patterned clothes, with many bold prints being seen in shirts, ties, pants and jackets. A few designers like Roberto Cavalli, designed head to toe pattern for his 2013 fall and winter fashion collection. To counter the intensity of the clothing, boot trends are being kept at a more toned down level in design and color.

Materials and Patterns – Thick leather and suede are the front runners for boots this fall and winter, with an emphasis on matching jackets. The boots are also lavishly patterned with many sewn pieces. The trend is one solid color, however, which keeps the boot looking sophisticated.

Color Trends – Speaking of colors, the ones on trend now are basic black, followed by grey, which has not been in the forefront of men’s footwear for many years. These colors are overshadowing the brown trend that has been most the most popular color in recent years.

Casual Styles – Desert boots are the choice for the casual man. They are not the hiking boots that were popular in the past, and given a more urban look. They are higher in height, reaching mid-calf, and the soles are chunky with thick rubber soles. Other boots, though they do look similar, are lace up boots that were seen on all of the runways. This trend is said to be a wise investment as it is expected to stay around for several years. These boots were showcased with the pant legs tucked into the boot, and the laces untied.

Sophisticated Styles – Boots are no longer just considered a casual piece of a man’s wardrobe, but they are now acceptable to wear to the office, too. With sophisticated styles that are neat and sharp, they can easily be worn with a business suit. Shiny buffed black leather slip on boots with leather soles, as well as ankle boots in grey suede are this year’s options for the businessman.

Contrasting Soles – A very new trend in men’s shoe designs is the pop of color on the soles. Though the boots are neutral and plain, the soles can be cobalt blue, orange, or other bright accent color.

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