Men’s Boutique on a Budget

by Mackenzie M. | April 17th, 2013 | Men's Shopping

manWhile clothes shopping this weekend, I decided to diverge from my normal routine of stopping at every consignment shop or fast fashion retailer to browse around a slightly more upscale men’s clothing boutique. What I found was a lot more clothing options with no real difference in price. Boutiques have a connotation of being hotbeds of overpriced clothing, but with a little extra searching, shopping at a boutique can actually produce some of the finest men’s clothing at bargain prices. Branch out from the normal routine this spring, and try shopping at a local boutique.

What makes a boutique unique is that each location is different, and the clothes are not produced in such high numbers. While stores at the mall have an unlimited quantity of each outfit, boutiques only carry a small number and change their inventory frequently. Women’s boutiques are far more common than those with a men’s section, which can make it difficult to find a large variety of men’s clothing; however, in larger cities, boutiques will often carry at least a small amount of men’s items. With a little Internet searching, it is easy to find at least a few locations to browse.

When in the store, just remember that the key is to remain open minded. Boutiques have men’s fashions that are far from the shelves of discount fashion stores at the mall. Each boutique carries different designers, and each has wildly different themes. If a boutique does not fit your style, simply find another location with a different variety of clothing, Once in a boutique that suits your taste, it is acceptable to find a few pieces of clothing that catch your eye in order to discover the price range of the store.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the trends of the season, which include nautical themes and pastel colors. While shopping in the latest boutique, I discovered a pleasant surprise. Each item of clothing was no more than $40, and there was a major sale going on. This is a shocking bargain for hard to find men’s clothes like chino shorts in new colors or summer shirts with interesting construction. Stay mindful of the current sales, as men’s boutiques will often have major discounts in order to attract a variety of men.

Whether it be shorts, shirts, or even shoes, boutiques will allow the young man to open up his fashion horizons. The prices often shatter the stereotypical image of a high fashion boutique, and they hold sales often. For a different shopping experience this season, head to your nearest boutique. Keep an eye out for the latest sales, and you won’t break the bank.

Four Reasons to Visit a Men’s Boutique

1.  Unique finds that aren’t mass produced.

2.  Personalized service.

3.  Styling tips and fashion advice.

4.  Plenty of sales and budget priced items.

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