Men’s Clothes and Fit: Bonobos

by Mackenzie M. | October 31st, 2012 | Men's Shopping

A few weeks ago I highlighted the fashion club of men’s clothes, Jack Threads. This week, I have been inspired to highlight another online clothing retailer that is specifically targeted to the young and hip man. Although not as cheap as Jack Threads, Bonobos prides itself on better-fitting, higher quality men’s clothes made with sustainable materials. You really do get what you pay for, and Bonobos is a perfect example of paying for quality. For the latest men’s fashions, made with high-quality and sustainable materials, head to bonobos.com and get shopping!

Like many men, Bonobos founder Brian Spaly became frustrated with trying to find pants that fit him well. Brian experienced a common problem for men. While women have many more sizes of clothing to choose from, men are lumped into a few categories, like small, medium, or large. In reality, men’s bodies vary widely. To address the problem, Spaly borrowed a sewing machine from his girlfriend, and began to tailor pants that fit him well and looked incredibly stylish. His pants were not any larger or smaller than those found in stores, but were simply cut differently to complement a man’s figure. He received positive reactions from his friends, so he decided to found a clothing business exclusively for men, Bonobos.

Bonobos expanded from pants, to denim, to shirts, and eventually to sweaters. Every item that Bonobos produces is of the highest quality. Brian Spaly and his business partners focused on trying to make the pants as sustainable as possible using organic cotton.

Since 2007, Bonobos has been running a virtual online mall filled with every item of clothing the young and fashionable man could ever need. Although their shirts and pants cost around $100, Bonobos offers free shipping and several discounts to new members. Simply create an account and begin purchasing. Even if a shirt is priced at a steep $98, the quality and cut make it hard to pass up. Investing in one really expensive shirt is acceptable, especially if it is this high quality.

For those that prefer shopping in a store instead of online, Bonobos has physical locations in Bethesda, MD, Chicago, New York City, Boston, and Palo Alto. Whether online or in store, Bonobos has several prepared outfits that are sure to be a hit. My favorite combination is the Shetlander sweater, made of 100% lambs wool, paired with blue chino pants. The sweater is priced at around $128, and the pants sell for $88. Although not cheap, splurging once in a while on an outfit that can be used for formal occasions, as well as casual, is definitely worth the price. Keep in mind that the shipping is free, and the price will be lowered with the discounts factored in.

For the latest in men’s fashion on a budget, be sure to check out Jack Threads; however, for formal and high-quality clothing, head over to bonobos.com.

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