Men’s Fashion: After Christmas Sales

by Mackenzie M. | December 27th, 2012 | Men's Shopping

This year retailers are extending their sales like never before. Forget Black Friday as the biggest and most ridiculous shopping day of the year. The days after Christmas are quickly becoming some of the best times to get ridiculously cheap deals on men’s clothing.

For older and professional man, Kohl’s will open its doors at 5 a.m. the day after Christmas, but the sales will continue until all of the merchandise is gone. For the younger and college-aged man, looking for some bargains after Christmas, head to the nearest large mall and check out some of these basement bargains. Don’t wait until February or March to buy summer clothes, head out now for the best use of all of that Christmas money.

Perhaps the most ridiculous Christmas sale this year comes from Eddie Bauer, which is offering 50% off everything in the store. L.L. Bean is also offering some staggeringly cheap deals on outdoorsy and winter clothes. For more high fashion and warm weather clothes, the best deals can be found in some of the most notoriously expensive stores. For example, J. Crew is having up to 70% off some of their merchandise in the store, with even bigger sales online. In fact, some of their button-ups that are usually $100 can be found for nearly half of the price. Don’t forget that J. Crew. honors a 15% student discount policy, adding even more savings. For pants, socks, and even sweaters, J. Crew has some surprisingly good bargains for men.

As if H&M’s prices were not already ridiculously low, they are also offering super sales for men’s fashions. For example, a raincoat that was nearly $50 at regular price can be found for 50% off. Fast fashion like this cannot be found for such cheap prices anywhere else. Major fashion stores like TOPMAN are also offering surprisingly good deals on their flamboyantly expensive clothing. Pick up some discounted sweaters for next winter at low prices. In fact, they even have some of their summer lines left over, and being sold for half of their regular price. UNIQLO in some major cities offers Japanese fashions at already low prices, but is having an even bigger sale because of the post-Christmas season shopping rush. Clothes can be found here for cheaper than just about anywhere else.

For something different, local consignment stores in my city have been slashing prices or having ‘bag sales,’ where shoppers can fill up an entire bag with clothes for a set price. Especially in major cities, be sure to check out local consignment shops, which often carry high-fashion brands at ultra-low prices. For example, I got a Michael Kors cashmere sweater for only $25, down from its original price of $200. Think outside the box or simply head to the nearest mall during the week after Christmas. If anything, just window shop and take in all of the massive discounts. The time after Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year…if only for its high-fashion bargains for men.

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