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by Mackenzie M. | January 10th, 2013 | Men's Shopping

This week I went on an adventure through the mall in Madison, Wisconsin to find the perfect clothing components for working out. From the running shoes, to the right shorts, to even the right t-shirt, finding the best clothing for working out can be a task. While expensive brands like Under Armour have top of the line clothing for a large price, other stores, like H&M, actually carry similar items for significantly less. As with buying any men’s clothing, be sure to shop around and at different stores for the best value.

The best place to start is with the shoes. Depending on what type of workout you are going for, there will be a wide variety of shoes to buy. For example, I prefer running as my principle activity, so I invested in some new running shoes. Nike recently came out with a lightweight and flexible running shoe, Nike Free. These shoes sell for under $100, and they are perfect for a quick jog or a long marathon. They come in a variety of colors, so pick the one that you like the most; however, avoid the highlighter colors of orange and yellow. Many runners make this fashion faux pas and look a little strange circling the park with bright feet. Stick with neutral colors that can match, at least somewhat, with the other workout apparel.

When purchasing running shorts, or any shorts to workout, be sure to choose the short that best fits your primary activity. There is an incredible amount to choose from. For example, basketball shorts will not work well for runners, and vice versa. A nice pair of plain athletic shorts is always best for style, but it is acceptable to choose different patterns that may reflect team affiliation or personal style. Still, it is important to note that neutral and subdued colors will get the job done and will not clash with any other piece of the outfit.

Under the main shorts, many runners opt for compression shorts. Under Armour is the leading brand, and these are actually reasonably priced, at around $25 for a standard pair. A pair of compression shorts will allow for ventilation and better running ability.

Finally, the shirt is important to the entire look. Size matters, as a shirt that is too big will restrict athletic ability, and a shirt that is too small will do the same. Patterns are acceptable on athletic shirts, but avoid anything that could be distracting during a workout. For example, beware of a shirt with a saying or logo that may raise questions from other people in the gym which will lead to an interruption of the workout.

Overall, when it comes to men’s workout outfits, there is much flexibility in look and in cost. Just remember, purchase items that will make your particular type of workout easier to complete.

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