Men’s Hats: Fedoras and Baseball Caps

by R. Carnavale | July 17th, 2014 | Men's Shopping

SONY DSCMaybe you like to wear fedoras like Frank Sinatra and Johnny Depp or maybe you’re more casual and prefer baseball caps the way Robert Pattinson and Michael Douglas do. Whatever your style is, wearing a hat allows you to express your individuality, keep your head warm in winter, keep the sun off of your face in summer and, for many men, a hat conveniently covers unsightly bald spots. Here’s a look at some of the more popular fedora and baseball cap styles for men and tips on how to wear them:

Classic fedora hats have a center dent provide a classic, elegant look that’s great for formal occasions and upscale settings. Just imagine Cary Grant when think of a classic fedora. Well-made classic fedora hats sell for $40 to $375 and when you select one, try to match its color to the suit or coat you’ll be wearing the fedora with. When you wear your fedora, wear it tilted forward a bit so the brim is near your eyebrows. When you encounter a woman, remember to tip the fedora by slightly raising the brim and be sure to take your hat off if you plan to chat with her or if a woman enters the elevator you’re riding.

There’s the Stetson fedora that works well for dress and casual wear. Del Monico Hatters carries a fine selection of Stetson Fedoras made from fur felt. Detailing includes pinched crowns and center dents and prices range from $97.50 to $150.00.

The Indiana Jones fedora is great for casual occasions when you want to look a bit rugged with its broad brim and slightly higher-than-usual crown. The Indiana Jones Fedora is readily available at popular retailers like Kohl’s for $40.

Baseball caps
Baseball caps are a good choice for casual occasions and a great way to express your tastes when it comes to your favorite baseball team, city or cartoon character. If you decide to wear a cap that has your favorite baseball team’s logo on it, stick to something the players wear on the field instead of opting for a designer version of the cap. Wearing a baseball cap backward is hard to pull off, so unless you want to look like a tool, you might want to stick to wearing a baseball cap with the brim facing forward. Wearing a baseball cap with a company or team logo is OK, but avoid cheesy slogans like “ShamWOW!” And if you have a mullet, there’s no pulling your hair out of the back into a ponytail the way women do, please, unless you’re trying to do a retro imitation of Billy Ray Cyrus.

Popular baseball cap categories include sports-related caps (MLB, NFL and NBA), and animation and superheroes. Expect to pay anywhere from $16.95 to $28.95 for a decent baseball cap.

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