Mid-Summer Trends: Simple

by James Maynard | July 6th, 2012 | Women's Fashion

Summer is prime season for the woman who can dress smart using very few colors.  She can look great in white, and exude confidence. The fashion world may still be talking about the Chanel Couture show for Fall 2012, but the fashions for most will be comfortable, easy to accessorize, and you’ll be able to look fabulous, while finding great values.

For mid-summer, look for white to be the dominant color. Not only is it a color that a lot of people can pull off well, but white is absolutely the best choice for keeping cool in the dog days of summer. Fight sweat the old fashioned way – choose clothes and colors that help you to sweat less. White is your friend.

Current trends are toward free-flowing, light materials that bring a clean backdrop to a splash of color in an accessory. There are fabulous choice in cuts in summer wear, including the high-low skirt. This is something that should only be worn if your body works with it, as it does accent the thighs of the wearer. Also, don’t wear a high-low skirt (particularly ruffled) with a top knot hairdo, unless you are trying to look like a member of the B-52’s.

I know that opinion is divided on them, but it is my opinion that peplums never work under any circumstances ever. They don’t flatter one’s shape, and although they cover the tummy, it draws so much attention to one’s waist that it is not worthwhile. Any perplexed looks you get from people (mostly wondering “What th heck is that thing? Why is she wearing that? Isn’t that awfully hot in this weather?” is just another drawback).

Another trend that can look great on the right woman (but not all) is the bralette. Flirty, fun, and full of folly, they are best left for outdoor events, including music festivals and the beach.

If these don’t work for you, try a one-shouldered top, or a striped tank, There can be some fabulous bargains on these, as the fall fashoins begin to creep their way onto store shelves.

This summer, whether you are going out to play in the heat of the day, or celebrating with friends and family at a mid-summer barbeque, start with a light, white background that flatters your body. Then add a bold summer color (green accessories can work wonders this time of year. Don’t think that there wasn’t an element of truth to “The Girl with the Green Scarf”). Keep it simple, keep it cool, and try to be aware of what colors and cuts work best for you. Then, go out there and show off your style!

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