Military Look

by Editorial Team | July 23rd, 2012 | Special Interest Section

One of this year’s summer trends definitely is the military look. Camouflage printings on caps, trousers or shirts are a common sight on the streets of the capitals of the world. Though some people might be a little disturbed because the military look is naturally associated with the army, the military look has become less of a statement but more of a fashion trend over the last couple of years. Today it is merely a great urban look and doesn’t necessarily mean that the wearer has sympathies for the army. Granted that someone dressed up entirely in camouflage would be a strange sight, but if you wear just one piece of clothing with camouflage on it, it is definitely a cool-looking eye-catcher.

Stylish and handy
The military look is not just fashionable but a lot of military clothes also do have some useful and convenient bits and bobs. Especially trousers and jackets will most likely possess lots of bags and pockets to give their wearer a huge variety of storage possibilities. Since those clothes are especially designed for outdoor activities they are also very robust and resistant to external influences. This durability in combination with the space they offer for things you might want to carry with you makes them the ideal fashion for the urban citizen. In combination with other hard-wearing, stylish and convenient accessories like pre-owned U-Boat military watches you can create a truly impressive yet stylish outfit.

Keep in mind, however, that only because a certain piece of clothing has camouflage markings printed on it it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be robust and designed for outdoor purposes. As mentioned before, every kind of garment is nowadays available with camouflage prints on it, be it skirts, caps, socks or even underwear.

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