Modified Crop Tops

by Lori Sciame | August 3rd, 2012 | Women's Fashion

A current women’s clothing trend takes an 80’s classic and updates it with a twist. Crop tops no longer sit at the waist in both the front and back, they vary according to the style you desire.  Creative cut outs in the back are also the rage.  When it come to crop tops in the summer of 2012, anything goes!

One version of the crop top includes a bare mid-section in front, while the back of the shirt cascades down over the backside.  Made in flowing fabrics, these crop tops dress up a pair of leggings or a short skirt.  Although you need to be toned to wear one, they aren’t over-the-top sexy, as the back is still covered.

Another version, the reverse crop, has the short part of the shirt in the back, while the longer part covers the front.  This is great if you want to flaunt your tan!  This version also suits those who may have a little too much stomach in the front.  It covers just the right spots, while still allowing for a fashion-forward statement.

Still other crop tops have fun cut outs in the back of the shirt.  If you desire, you can wear a top with a heart, a butterfly, or even a flower shape completely cut out or covered in lace. This style especially flatters those with short hair, or those who want a trendy up-do.

Another great thing about crop tops?  The color choices vary from shy pastels to bold neons. Feeling daring?  Choose a neon yellow crop top and pair with equally bright spandex.  Want to impress at a club luncheon?  Choose a reverse crop in white and pair with navy pants.  Maybe you want to flirt?  Try a cut out crop in light pink and pair with your favorite Miss Me Jeans.

If there’s one thing about crop tops, they have sure come a long way since the debuted.  A fun and trendy addition to any summer outfit, there’s a crop top to suit almost any body type.  Try this trend on, and I guarantee you’ll get compliments.

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