More Dos and Don’ts: Men’s Fashion

by Mackenzie M. | December 30th, 2011 | Men's Shopping

Recently I wrote an article about the initial Do’s and Don’ts of Men’s Winter Fashion. Following up the basic tips, there are still many more ideas that men need to keep in mind when dressing for the cold of winter.

Inspired recently by the men of the “best-dressed college students in America,” located at Brown University in Providence, RI (as voted in several surveys), I have listed below a few more pointers to remember this holiday season in order to maintain style, class, and a little bit of warmth. As I wrote in the previous article, winter is a perfect time for a guy to show off his best style, so use this opportunity to the fullest.

Socks. This often overlooked accessory is much more complicated than just choosing between high white and low white socks. In observing many young men walking around the northeast, I noticed that having trendy socks is definitely a major necessity for this season. Skip the boring white socks and replace them with crazy-colored or patterned ones. Stores like Urban Outfitters and H&M specialize in this area, and socks can be found for under $8.

Hat. The hat is perhaps the most important part of a winter ensemble, as it is one of the first things that people will notice about you. A solid colored wool hat is always classic, and tight, neutral-colored beenies also compliment most outfits. Avoid most other kinds of hats this season, including the dreaded ski mask.

Boots. It just simply is not socially acceptable to wear large, plastic winter boots while walking around campus, or while strolling down your nearest trendy street. While walking down the ever-hip Thayer Street in Providence, I noticed many high fashion men’s boots, ranging from Uggz, to traditional cowboy boots, to nice, leather and fur lined ones. Boots can be found on sale at nearly every store this year.

Coat. I have said it before, and I will say it again. The coat you choose for the winter will act as a constant fashion statement throughout the entire season. Pea coats are in high demand this season, as can be seen when people watching in most parts of the country. And now is the best time to buy, as the after-Christmas sales are pushing down the prices of coats by anywhere from 30-70%.

Sweaters. Having a nice sweater, or two, is essential to any closet. Although this may seem obvious, many young men do not have a quality sweater that can be worn out to formal gatherings, or simply around the house. Look for a higher end sweater, in a classic color such as white, grey, or black, that can be matched with corduroys, khakis, or jeans. It is ok to spend a little more to get the quality desired. Keep in mind that many stores are running great sales on sweaters this time of year as well.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to have style; it just takes pre-planning!

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