Mother’s Day Jewelry on a Budget

by Donella Crigger | May 5th, 2014 | Bargains of the Week

pearls (400x400)Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It’s a great day to celebrate your mother with a piece of jewelry, but you don’t have to spend a small fortune. Here are four pieces of jewelry that your mom will love, all for less than $100.

Engraved Heart Family Birthstone Ring in Sterling Silver

Zales is offering fantastic prices for Mother’s Day jewelry online, and this is one of their most beautiful selections. It is now priced at $94.99, more than $20 off the original price, but you get an additional 10 percent off when you add it to your cart. It can hold two to six stones and names, and it’s ideal for families that need an odd number of stones, as you can see in the picture here with five stones.

Personalized Baby Feet Necklace

Perfect for the new mom, Kay’s is offering this personalized baby feet necklace for $85.83. It can be engraved with the name on one foot and the date of birth on the other. The toe can also be personalized with the child’s birthstone. The sterling silver option is the most affordable, but you can also get the necklace and charm in 10k and 14k white or yellow gold. The design is available in ring form as well.

Belle de Mer Pearl Bracelet

Let’s not forget about a classic Mother’s Day gift—pearls! This pearl bracelet from Macy’s comes in a variety of sizes and qualities. The price ranges from $69 and up, but all of them look beautiful. This is the perfect gift for a sophisticated woman with traditional tastes. The $69 bracelet is 7.5 inches in length and has a 14k gold clasp.

Dog Bangle Bracelet

Whether the woman in your life is mom to two-legged children or four-legged pets, she deserves something special for her efforts. This bracelet from Kohl’s is perfect for dog lovers. It has an “I love my dog” charm, a bead, a paw charm and a bone charm. It’s completely customizable because you can add as many charms as you’d like. At $16.99, this bracelet is a bargain. It’s made of silver-plated brass and stainless steel and makes a nice casual piece for Mom.

Are you getting your mom jewelry for Mother’s Day?

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