Must Have Rings

by Lori Sciame | January 17th, 2012 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

Wear a fashion ring on every finger? NOT! Thank goodness the 80’s ended a long time ago, and now most fashion conscious women know that wearing a jewel on every finger, even the thumbs, shouts “out dated.”

Those in the know realize that wearing one large ring, or a couple of well-placed smaller rings, including the stackable versions, can add much more class to an ensemble.

Flower rings have exploded onto the accessory scene within the last few years. Whether depicted as a single blossom, or as a bouquet, these rings add a touch of whimsy to any outfit. Especially popular are the silver versions accented in different colored semi-precious stones. Even mother’s rings in the shape of a flower, with each petal a different color birthstone, have become the rage. If you love drama, check out the carved black onyx and sterling silver ring from Ross-Simons Jewelry, or if you like to appear demure, Amazon has a sweet brown and white diamond ring that’s sure to please.

Two and four finger rings can also add a special touch to your late winter outfits. A bit more casual, these rings work best on those who love trends. Wet seal offers a cute heart and key version for under $4, and Hot Topic has a hilarious mustache ring for $11.00. Many two and four finger rings have symbols and messages. They make a statement like a tattoo, but unlike permanent ink, they aren’t something you’re stuck with forever. And if you have money to burn, Anna Sheffield offers versions in a variety of gemstones anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500.

Another ring trend – stackable rings. Macy’s, a company always on the forefront of fashion trends, offers several varieties of this type of ring. Especially eye catching is their stackable band collection in four vivid hues for $600. I also really like the Icz Stonez Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Stackable Rings for $21 on Overstock.com because they sparkle, a trait welcome on a fun night out!

Large rings also rule according to style watchers. You can purchase arrow rings, claw rings, chevron rings, and even tribal rings in versions several inches long. Talk about getting noticed…these rings will attract all eyes in the room! Take a look at all of the gorgeous rings available at House of Harlow. For the not too steep price of $56, you can buy a geometric jet pave ring in gunmetal or gold. Check out Claire’s for cheaper, yet still exciting versions, of these statement pieces.

Fashion rings will always be in style, but how you wear rings, and what kinds a women should choose does change over time. Please…do not wear your entire precious jewel collection on both hands when you have an important event to attend; you’ll make waves for the wrong reasons. Choose one or two of the hot styles listed above, and you’ll be sure to send the message that how you look is important to you.

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