Must-Have Shoe Styles For Vacations

by Anna P. | November 28th, 2013 | Shoes, Women's Fashion

sandalsWhen it comes to fashion and comfort, the right shoes are important. It’s necessary to find a pair of kicks that not only fit well but also provide plenty of comfort. Looking for a great pair of shoes? We have three fabulous options to consider!

1- Bold Colored Flat Sandals

Heading to a warm beach with hot sand and blue water? You will need to dress the part and that includes a terrific pair of flat sandals, preferably in a bold color. A great pair of sandals in a cool beachy color like coral or aqua blue is ideal, however a pair of sandals in gold or bronze would look amazing with tan skin. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a pair of bold colored flat sandals as this item is usually a one-season wonder, so feel free to select a fun pair of sandals that really speaks your style.

2- Warm Winter Boots

If you plan on visiting a ski resort or another locale that gets really cold in the winter, a good pair of warm winter boots will serve you well. Unlike the aforementioned flat sandals, you will want to spend more on warm winter boots. These shoes will keep your feet insulated from the cold as well as give your feet something to prevent slipping on the ice. A great pair of shoes like these are good to have, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time on the slopes or in snowy zones.

3- Great Walking Shoes

If you’re going on an exciting vacation that that involves lots of tours or site-seeing, make sure you’re packing a great set of shoes on the trip! The last thing you want is to experience intense foot pain on your trip. The best shoes are usually flatter and easy to walk in. If your vacation includes a hiking excursion that’s off the beaten path, you may want to pack a pair of hiking boots instead. The key here is to plan ahead and select a pair of shoes that will go the extra mile.

(Photo courtesy of Jana Kollarova)

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