Nail Trends: Spring 2013

by R. Carnavale | February 21st, 2013 | Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion

nailsMaking nails get noticed is what spring 2013 nail trends are all about. The year promises to be an exciting one in nails with innovative, stylized nail trends making their mark. Furry nails (like the pink velvet manicure that Blake Lively had for her wedding) are the hottest trend in nail textures. Look for pale, dark, or bright neon colors, metallics, two toned nail designs, gingham checks, racing stripes, nail jewelry, the goth look, magnetic effect textures, 3D designs, a new twist on the classic French manicure, and some fun blue and green colors that will make nails stand out.

Pale colors – clear, pale pink, and milky white shades predominate two coats of white polish capped off with a matte topcoat.

Dark colors – black, gray, navy, purple, emerald, ombre, ruby red.

Metallics – specks of gold, copper, silver, platinum, glitter dipped tips.

3D nail designs – butterfly wings that flutter above your nails, flowers, and gemstones.

Magnetic effect polish – create a 3D wave texture.

Furry nails – the fuzzy, crushed velvet look is THE look in textured nails.

Two toned nail designs – contrasting shades in graphic styles like half-moons; painter Mark Rothko-esque color blocks, which are created by adding a black vertical stripe down the center of a nail with gray polish; the diagonal look – just run a piece of tape diagonally from one corner of the tip to the other side of the nail and paint.

Creative nail designs – thanks to Kate Spade, gingham nails are in style. Goth is in vogue, too, with a dark red polish painted on to look like blood is dripping from the tips of the nails; another hit: a vertical, chrome racing stripe painted down the middle of the nail. Also, nail jewelry fastened with nail glue.

French manicure with a twist – first layer: glossy polish; 2nd layer: a slight darker matte shade.

Fun colors – wintergreen, spearmint, and Essie’s cornflower blue polish called “bikini so teeny.”

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