Need and Want

by Valerie Mae Diola | December 2nd, 2008 | Shopping Secrets

TouchThere are times in my life when I can differentiate between “Need” and “Want”, but I guess that time is not now. I was viewing some items at amazon.com and found a lovely pair of sandal by Nine West. Upon my first look of the sandal, I told myself I’m going to buy it. But then I asked myself, “Do I really need this pair?” I know I have already enough pairs of sandals in my closet, but I really can’t let go of this one. I fell in love with this sandal the moment I saw it at Amazon. It was a lovely roman-style sandal that looks so chic and trendy. So, after contemplating and realizing that stock may run out in my size, I finally gave in and bought a pair in bronze. There were other colors like pewter and black, but I found bronze prettier.

After weeks of waiting (it was being shipped to my country), I finally got the sandal and I swear, it looked prettier in actual than in the photos. It fit perfectly on my narrow feet, and the color is so nice.

Now, I checked the website again and found out that they don’t have size 7 in bronze anymore. I guess I was so lucky to grab a pair before it ran out of my size.

I know it’s important to prioritize our “needs” first before our “wants” but sometimes we must not deprive ourselves on what can make us happy. Buying a pair of sandal won’t hurt, especially since I got it on sale for only $20.99 when it’s originally priced at $69.95. Not bad, is it?

Now, go shop and make yourself happy. After all, shopping is every woman’s thing.

  1. Deal Rocket says:

    Its a good idea to check yourself before going crazy sometimes. Even though your want outweighs your need, you still may find that “want” cheaper somewhere else

  2. I always find myself fighting the wants and needs. Usually it boils down to me not wanting the things I need and needing the things I want. Could also be a reason why my wallet stays empty a lot.

  3. acessories says:

    you are not alone.. most women can`t differentiate tha need or whats

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