Never Underestimate Accessories

by Lori Sciame | January 14th, 2016 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

An important lesson about fashion became crystal clear to me this morning while getting dressed for work.  I chose black slacks, casual black flats, and a light pink boat neck sweater. After looking at myself in the mirror, I thought, “blah!”  Although each part of the outfit was current and in good shape, something seemed to be missing.

In a panic to boost my style, I went to my daughter’s room in search of something, anything, to make me look put together for a long day at the office.  What happened was a miracle – a sparkly scarf in shades of black and grey.  Once around my neck, the outfit looked polished and complete.  Ahhh…the power of an amazing accessory.

Lesson learned – never underestimate the value of accessories.  Think of it this way.  A pastry chef doesn’t just frost a wedding cake in white and leave it at that.  He or she takes great care to decorate (accessorize) it, until it looks ready to be the centerpiece of a wedding reception.  Think of putting together outfits in the same way.  Once the clothing pieces are assembled, the look isn’t finished until the final touches, such as scarves, necklaces, earrings, leg warmers, hats, and the like have been added.

For instance, even though a woman may own the most chic, up-to-date, little black dress, she certainly wouldn’t wear it alone to a gala event.  She needs to consider how she will accessorize the dress for the greatest impact.  Will she choose a statement necklace paired with dainty earrings and pumps?  Or will she opt for a faux fur stole and elbow length gloves with stilettos? Both ways of accessorizing would be gorgeous, and both would portray the woman in a stylish light.  Compare that to the woman just wearing the dress with no additional adornment.  Ho hum!

In addition to making an outfit come together as a cohesive whole, accessories can work to boost a woman’s confidence.  Even is she chooses to wear a black sweater she’s had forever, if she pairs it with a new patterned scarf and a great handbag, she’ll go out the door feeling good.  Or if she has a last minute invitation for drinks with a new boyfriend, but no time to wash her hair, putting on a cute hat can certainly help her meet her date with no reservations.

Accessories, then, can make or break an outfit.  They can also make or break a woman’s confidence.  For these two important reasons, never – ever – underestimate the power of investing in plenty of fashionable accessories.

Four Accessories You Must Buy

1.  A BIG handbag in black with silver accents.

2.  A statement necklace that contains several colors.

3.  Great sunglasses – yes, even for winter!

4.  Patterned tights.


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