New Twists on Old Standbys

by Lori Sciame | June 26th, 2014 | Office Wear, Women's Fashion

women officeFor decades, women in the work world have counted on the following office wardrobe essentials: suit jackets, dress slacks, white blouses, and pencil skirts.  These old standbys continue to be an integral part of most women’s work wardrobe.  In truth, they never go out of style, as designers keep them fresh by adding new twists.

Sassy Suit Jackets

First, I like how clothing manufacturers have begun to play with the sleeve length in suit jackets. Instead of having to always land at the wrist, 3/4 sleeves are trending.  Add a chunky bracelet or watch, and you will look both professional and up to the minute.

Check out this 3/4 sleeve suit jacket by New York & Company.  It’s flirty and fun…and the price is reasonable as well.

Quick Tip: If you can’t afford new suit jackets, roll up the sleeves of your old ones!

Singular Work Slacks

Like suit jacket sleeves, work pants also vary in length.  For several summers, cuffed crop pants have been acceptable during the summer months in most business settings.  This year, hems have lowered a little – resting at the upper part of the ankle.

This small change may not seem like much, but in the fashion world it’s little twists like these that signal clothing that’s trendy.

Quick Tip:  Take a pair or two of long work slacks to the tailor. (If you know how to sew, you can tackle this project yourself).  Most dress slacks can easily be modified into ankle length.

Wonderful White Blouses

White blouses have also undergone a fashion makeover this season.  Instead of appearing stuffy, many styles now have a flirty side.  For instance, designers have added pleats, shirring, and ruffles.  Also new – semi sheer fabrics.  These floating fabrics work well on all women.  Just be sure to wear a cami under them!

Quick Tip:  Add your own embellishments to a white blouse you already own.  For example, it’s easy to add a small ruffle at the collar!

Peppy (and Pretty) Pencil Skirts

Playful fabrics have recently grabbed center stage in the realm of the pencil skirt.  Bold geometric designs and even florals have certainly updated this formally navy or black wardrobe essential.  While these fabrics draw attention to themselves, they do not make the skirt a no go for the office.

Follow this link to see a hot version of the pencil skirt, complete with blooming florals in a water color palette.

Quick Tip:  Dye your old white pencil skirt a vivid hue, one that screams 2014.  Maybe cayenne red or orange crush?  Add a sassy applique off center near the lower hem to create a chic, one of a kind piece.



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