New Year’s Eve Date Night Outfits

by Sam P. | December 30th, 2014 | Date Night Outfits, Teen Fashion

teen girl dress and booties (400x400)As 2014 comes to a wrap we have to start planning our New Year’s Eve festivities.  While your plans may not be coming together as smoothly as you had hoped, your outfit will.  New Year’s Eve is traditionally known for colors like black, silver, and gold, but the celebration of 2015 calls for a new twist.  Of course wearing a pastel color probably would stick out like a sore thumb, but that doesn’t mean you can wear colors.  Metallic colors are great, but so are deep plums and winter greens.

The perfect New Year’s Eve party outfit is of course the LBD.  It is simple and chic enough to be worn on its own, but can be layered with other things to create a more dynamic look.  New Year’s Eve parties tend to end up a little crowded, so most people would shy away from tights, but if you’re anything like me you are always cold.  Tights are also the perfect way to add in some fun colors and patterns.  Stores like TJ Maxx tend to have all different types of tights for far less than department stores.  Tights or nylons with a control top can also help hold in any trouble areas on your body if your dress in more snug.  You can also layer on a leather jacket; try a colored one like red for a bit more fun, or a jean jacket for a cool retro look.  Pair it with heels and the perfect makeup and you are ready to go.

If you prefer not to wear dresses, try a skirt.  A great look would be a leather skater skirt with a fun colored top tucked in.  I prefer skater skirts because they hit at your waist to create a hour glass figure and flow out at your hips to emphasize your curves even more.  This looks great with patterned tights, or without tights, if you prefer, and cute little ankle booties.  Another great skirt look is a fun patterned or colored tube skirt and a crop top.  A galaxy patterned tube skirt with a flowing black crop top will look great and be the talking piece of the party, in a good way of course.  Another fun look would be a plain black tube skirt with a patterned crop top.  I have a Tweety Bird patterned crop top that I love to pair with my plain black tube skirt.  With black pumps and a leather jacket I am ready to go.

If you’re going to a more casual party I would opt for leggings and a fun shirt.  A flowy shirt in plum or army green would look great, but anything will do.  Leggings are your best option because they are more breathable than jeans but still show of your smoking legs.  Pair it with a killer top and you’re ready to take over this party.

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