No Fear Returns

by Mackenzie M. | June 12th, 2013 | Men's Shopping

clearanceSometimes, even if you try on that flashy new pair of jeans at the mall, you may decide later that they best be returned. Whether you changed your mind about the purchase or the new item simply does not fit, returns are common event for men. This past week I returned a pair of jeans that were less than a week old. Even though they seemed to fit great in the store, once home, the jeans were awkwardly long and baggy. Do not suffer with ill-fitting or undesirable new clothes. Instead, follow the steps below for a quick and easy return.

Keep the Receipt. The most common reason why returns are not accepted is due to lost receipts. Be sure to keep the receipt in a safe place even if it seems that a return will not be necessary. In my experience last week with returning a new pair of jeans, when originally purchased I thought the jeans would last for years. Just to be safe, I kept the receipt. Luckily, when I indeed needed to return the pants, the receipt was ready to go. Most stores will not allow a full return without a receipt, and but will sometimes offer store credit in place of cash. Save yourself the hassle, and keep all of your clothing receipts for at least a few weeks.

Try on Again. Even if a piece of clothing looks great in a store’s fitting room, the bright lights and pressure from salespeople may skew your true feelings toward the clothing. Stay true to your clothing desires, and try to purchase only the clothes that truly fit well and feel great while in the store. At home, just to be sure, have a second fitting with a few different shirts and shoes. It is most important to try on the clothes right away, as most stores have a 30-day return policy. Be sure not to wait too long, or you could be stuck with clothes that are simply un-wearable.

Be nice. When actually returning an item, it is important to be nice. I made the accidental decision of removing the tags of my new jeans before trying them on a second time, which added a level of hassle to the return process; however, with a few kind words and a beaming smile, the cashier agreed to confirm the return. Sometimes the return process can be long or awkward, especially for men, but it is important to stay friendly to keep the process as short as possible.

Return with confidence. In my experience, many men would rather wear awkward fitting clothes instead of taking them back to the store for a full return or simple exchange. It is much easier to ‘bite the bullet’ and return a piece of clothing, rather than spend your money on something that does not fit.

Next time you have an awkward piece of clothing that was just purchased, do not be afraid to return it! It’s your money after all.

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