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by Lori Sciame | March 14th, 2013 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

tightsNeon colors abound in fashion accessories this spring.  These eye popping shades accent outfits in the most daring way.  From practical umbrellas, to thin suspenders, to dangling earrings, neon colors make accessories crackle that much more.  When defining what makes a color neon, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary puts it plainly, “extremely bright or fluorescent.”

What, exactly, makes neon so attractive right now? It might be that the color reminds many women of the 1980’s, a fun and edgy time, or it might just be the fact that neon colors literally sizzle. Whatever the reason, a fashion conscious woman should own some neon accessories to take advantage of this popular trend.

Useful (and Sassy) Umbrellas

Neon colors add pizazz to any umbrella.  For instance, Totes has a bubble umbrella this spring that’s clear with neon rose and pear accents.  At a mere $19.20, it’s a steal, plus it’s a necessary item for spring. Burberry which is noted for muted colors, also has its own version of neon colors in a classy folding umbrella.  The color of rhubarb, and striped to perfection, this umbrella is a little pricey at $325, but it also will complement your more upscale apparel.

Showy Suspenders

For those who loved the 80’s, or who wish they had lived during that raucous time period, suspenders in neon colors are everywhere.  Check out Claire’s for an awesome variety of suspenders in solid colors and stripes. Priced at only $8.50 each, a woman can afford several, from eye popping yellow, to piercing pink, to candied green.  Or, choose a rainbow pattern with all the colors on one!

Daring Earrings

Of course neon earrings can be seen everywhere, even Diane Sawyer, the matriarch of nightly news, had on a pair of orange neon earrings on the other night.  An awesome place to locate neon earrings of all types – Etsy.  I found earrings in bold pink red in the shape of Michigan, citrus yellow stud earrings, and turquoise drop earrings.  In addition to finding the perfect earrings, a woman is helping an individual with a dream of owning his or her own business.

Caution Ladies

Neon calls out to be seen.  Because of that, one needs to be careful about wearing too much of it.  Opt to accent with neon instead of putting together an entire outfit of one or a few neon colors.  Instead of looking edgy and in style, a woman who over does neon will look obnoxious.  It’s better to wear too little neon than too much.

My Advice

Take advantage of the neon trend, no matter your age.  Even if you feel as if you are too old for neon suspenders, certainly an umbrella with neon accents will work.  Neon, at the most basic level, screams fun.  Make sure to add some of this color fun into your spring accessory arsenal.




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