NY Fashion Week: Trends in Men’s Fashion

by R. Carnavale | September 20th, 2013 | Fashion, Men's Shopping

men's shirtWhile there’s been a lot of buzz about the women’s side of this week’s Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, a lot happened in men’s fashion wear, too. The Spring/Summer 2014 runways featured several major trends, including the preppy look, the athletic look, lots of flashy prints and baggy pants. The Spring/Summer 2014 menswear collections featured a youthful vibe with a dose of urban energy and street savvy. Double-breasted blazers, mafia style suits, printed pants and shorts were the rage as were bomber jackets and rolled pants. Whether you dress conservatively or follow the latest fashion trends, you’ll want to know more about the styles featured at New York Fashion Week, so here’s a recap of the highlights:

Color-blocked shirts with wide bands of contrasting colors placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally provide an athletic touch on shirts.

Speaking of the athletic look, athletic-jersey-inspired T-shirts are popular.

Earth tones are popular, especially muted indigo’s, grays, browns and tans.

Denim jeans, work shirts, and windbreakers are popular.

The safari look, camouflage military fatigues and the uniform look in khaki, navy and gray feature prominently in the Spring/Summer 2014 collections.

Baggy pants and shorts are in style—including trousers and shorts that rest very, very low on the hips.

Some designers think men should wear kilt-like skirts and aprons as alternatives to pants and shorts.

Pants with prints are a hit—think polka dots, florals, and zebra prints—but keep the print designs to a minimum and make sure your clothes are tightly tailored so that you don’t look like you’re wearing PJ’s.

Double-breasted blazers are popular in suit wear and worth trying if you can pull this look off.

High-rise or rolled pants are hugely popular—think Justin Bieber. This style looks better with casual pants made from chino or denim fabrics.

As with the Spring/Summer 2014 women’s fashions, neoprene, metallics and shiny fabrics are a hit.

Bomber jackets with a slim silhouette are in this year. Just make sure the sleeves don’t extend past your wrists and avoid anything bulky.

White suits are in vogue in the Spring/Summer 2014 collections. To maximize the all-white look, try to wear different textures when you wear white. For instance, wear a cotton shirt with a linen suit.

Street wear featured a lot of black, especially layered black sportswear.

Think post-punk when it comes to casual wear with the sleeveless “Don’t mess with me” tough-guy look.

The Russian look is in style, especially the retro 1980’s Russian youth style.

(Photo courtesy of Sanja Gjenero)

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