One Suit…What Color?

by TK | January 1st, 2010 | Fashion, Men's Shopping

On our sister site, Idea Offer, there was an idea request posted by Captain where he asked, ” If you were going to only own one suit as a man, what color and material would that suit be?  I have a friend that doesn’t really wear suits too often, but he needs one and is wondering what color and material he should buy.”

There were many thoughtful answers, and he chose three different winning ideas:

From Karen Tiede:

Light wool, navy blue. There’s no point in having any other color if you only have one. Perhaps dark grey.

Find an old copy of Dress for Success, and follow his recommendations. Although dated and the actual fashion recommendations may need to be updated, the basic logic hasn’t changed.

From Mirilee:

*Charcoal Gray beyond a doubt. Not only is it a totally sharp color when worn as a full ‘set’…but the separates (slacks and blazer) are great, too, because they pair well with navy, black, or even a dark chocolate brown.

(*My dad has to wear a suit and tie every day to work, and he swears by this color choice. He has 15 pairs of charcoal gray dress slacks and a number of charcoal gray blazers).

In terms of material, I would steer clear of wool (if he’s only going to own one suit, it should be all weather). A cotton poly blend would probably suit (pun intended) him best, since it’s rather low maintenance, can’t be ruined easily, and will stand up well to occasional wear.

Hope this is helpful. Good luck to your friend…

And from DBauman:

Black. Definitely black. Classic look. You can dress it up with a bow tie or fancy shirt. Or, you could dress it down with a t-shirt.

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