Online Freebie Hints

by Erin Edwards | November 11th, 2010 | Shopping Secrets

Discover some helpful shopping secrets, courtesy of Erin Edwards, Financial Expert.

1) In order to keep your inbox clean, sign up for a free email account with GMAIL or Hotmail. When you are signing up for freebies, use that email address so your main email doesn’t get cluttered.

2) Set aside some time each day or a few times per week to sign up for free samples. Visit freebie blogs, check product websites, retail store and restaurant websites to sign up for all the latest offers. Many companies offer freebies for signing up for their email newsletter. Once you begin signing up for these offers, in a few short weeks you will have samples and free product coupons arriving in your inbox and mailbox!

3) If you find yourself signing up for a lot of freebies, consider using the Autofill form on the Google toolbar or downloading the Roboform software to make it easy to fill out forms. It will populate all of your information in the freebies forms, so it will save you time!

4) When looking for freebies, try to stick with larger companies to have the best success at receiving the free samples. Some of the best companies to request freebies from are Proctor and Gamble, Wal-Mart and Vocalpoint.

5) Once the free samples start arriving, they can be a great way to supplement your pantry, try a new product before you make a purchasing decision, or collect products to donate to charity. Freebies also save money because it is one less item to buy at the store!

6) Check back often for new freebies. Free samples are often in short supply, but new offers appear daily. Consider signing up for the daily email newsletter to receive the latest offers for free stuff.

About the author: Erin Edwards is a financial expert and owner of Fun with Freebies.  She is an experienced bargain hunter who enjoys sharing her shopping expertise with others.  Erin’s freebie savviness is best exemplified by the FREE trip to Disney World she planned for her husband’s birthday!  Using her bargain skills, she was able to accumulate enough gift cards, hotel points, free tickets, etc. to get the entire trip for free.  In addition to this vacation, Erin averages savings of 230 dollars per month on groceries,  personal care, and other household items.

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