Online Shopping

by Valerie Mae Diola | October 29th, 2008 | Home Shopping

If most women enjoy shopping, how many more like online shopping? For me, online shopping is useful (and probably is for busy moms and wives also). However, based on my own experience, there are advantages and disadvantages to online shopping.


  1. You can buy unique items that cannot be found in shopping malls.
  2. You can buy hard-to-find collector’s items.
  3. You can get the items you like without the hassle of leaving the house.
  4. You can buy items that only can be bought from other countries.
  5. You can surprise a loved one by purchasing something he likes and having the item delivered to his doorstep.
  6. It is not time consuming.


  1. After you have purchased the items you really like, you still need to wait for days, or even weeks, for the items to arrive.
  2. Some items are nice in photos but not in actuality. I’ve experienced this several times.
  3. You cannot try the items first before buying. Sometimes, you’ll end up buying something that is too big or too small for you.
  4. Sometimes it’s risky to buy online from shops that aren’t familiar, especially if credit cards are involved. So, always buy from trusted online shops.
  5. Some items, especially fragile ones, were broken or damaged while in transit.
  6. Some items were delivered to the wrong address. I’ve experienced this. I bought from a local online shop in my country, and the seller accidentally had mixed up the addresses of her customers.
  7. Some online shops don’t allow items to be returned.

I have ordered lots of items online that I wasn’t able to use. Sometimes, I am so impulsive that I buy the clothes I find to be cute, but they end up hanging in my closet for months with tags still attached.

Regardless of the disadvantages, I still enjoy shopping online. I don’t mind waiting for the items to arrive. Sometimes, I feel like a little girl excited to wake up every morning just to see a package on the doorstep.

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