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by LJ Dovichi | May 3rd, 2008 | Money Saving Hints

You can buy anything online from clothes to food to entertainment. Internet shopping is a wonderful invention — convenience, delivery, and bargains all from the comfort of your own chair. I love being able to shop in my pajamas, not to mention the headache it saves from developing when you have a little one running around. I love not having to chase three-feet-of-fun around brick and mortar stores sometimes. Then there are the added benefits of saving money on gas and waiting in long checkout lines.laptop

Ebay.com is a wonderful online store for bargains. You can buy just about anything new or used on it, but the only drawback is it’s a user-based site instead of corporate. This means you need to pay close attention to seller rankings and item descriptions. There has been quite the scandal on sales of high demand items, such as Xbox 360’s, PS3’s, and Nintendo Wii’s — people writing the description in such a way you thought you were buying the gaming system but really you bought the box only. Another thing to watch for is shipping costs, some sellers charge high shipping fees to ensure they make a profit on their merchandise.

Amazon.com is a great place for books and music, but you can buy a ton of other stuff there as well. They have some user-based selling, but mostly they sell as a corporation which means you get what you expect. The great thing about Amazon is they run a lot of specials where if you spend over so much money you get free shipping. You can get some great deals there.

Safeway is even online now. All your grocery shopping at a click of the button and you don’t have to wait in grocery lines behind the person who inevitably has never used the ATM to pay, and after spending forever trying to figure it out then decides to break out the checkbook. We’ve all been there.

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