Out on the Town Heels: Winter Edition

by Delaney M. | December 6th, 2012 | Fashion

When it comes to evening wear, finding the perfect type of shoe can be quite the challenge. This holds true, especially since it is almost winter. This can make the task of deciding on the perfect shoe extremely difficult. In a northern climate or in the mountains where snow is a frequent feature, picking out what works best with the weather can be a hassle. If you are going out for a night on the town with the girls, obviously for style purposes, the last thing you would want to show up in is a snug pair of Ugg boots. Although those work best with snow and cold temperatures, you would look bizarre in a nice restaurant or a swanky club. This is why sucking it up and looking pretty is your best option!

Let’s face it – the most exciting part for a woman when she knows she is going out that night is getting ready. Women like to look beautiful and their best. That is why when choosing evening wear, picking a great pair of shoes to wear with your outfit is the only option. Also if you are a stylish woman, you definitely want to make sure you are not creating a fashion faux pas. This is why a perfect pair of heels is always a right choice.

Since it is winter, wearing high heeled boots is also a possibility. For example, if you are wearing a pair of skinny leather tights, high heeled boots would go extremely well. Sometimes high heeled boots can go with denim, but preferably not for a night out on the town; however, if you are going out for a more casual night, wearing denim is a decent choice. Even if it is a casual night, the only denim colors I would suggest would be navy blue or black. Anyways, high heeled boots only look appropriate with tights, leggings, or some skirts.

High heels will always go with every type of outfit that would be worn out to dinner, to a club, or to a bar. You can never go wrong with them. The only trouble with heels is if you live in a climate where it gets below freezing and snows…brrrr! If you do not want to wear them outside, you may have a problem. High heels will dress up any outfit, and they make you look classy. They also add a certain sense of sex appeal.

To dress up a pair of plain, closed-toe black heels, consider adding a faux jewel embellishment.  Especially appropriate for the holidays, shoes with a little added sparkle can make a night out even more festive.  Shoe decorations can be found at many accessory stores, including Charming Charlies.

If you want to dress to impress and look your best, always choose high heel shoes as your form of footwear to complement your evening wear!  But, in a pinch, high heeled boots can still portray your chic style, while keeping feet toasty warm.

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