Packing for a Summer Trip

by Mackenzie M. | July 10th, 2013 | Men's Shopping

suitcaseIn regards to men’s fashion tips, I always seem to highlight a particular brand or trend. This week, however, I will focus on the arduous task of packing for summer vacations. Depending on the destination, the clothing item that a man needs to pack will be vastly different. In order to pack the appropriate types and amount of clothing, it is important to do a little research on the climate and attractions of the destination well in advance. You don’t want to get caught on a hot Alaska summer day with only sweaters in your suitcase, just like you don’t want to be touring San Francisco during the relatively chilly summer months with only a t-shirt. Below are some tips for packing for a summer vacation depending on the climate and level of activity of the destination.

Dry heat. Although destinations like Las Vegas and Phoenix may be scorching this time of year, their dry heat allows plenty of fashion choices for men. Shorts are always a good idea, as are t-shirts. However, wearing long sleeve, button-up shirts and light pants can shield skin from the sun and actually keep the body cooler. Make sure that the clothing is lightweight and in a bright color to reflect the sun. Avoid wearing jeans, as these will trap the heat and lead to discomfort. Desert destinations tend to cool off at night, so don’t forget at least one casual long-sleeved shirt.

Hot and humid. While dry heat can make it easy to stay both cool and fashionable, hot and humid weather makes it incredibly difficult. Summer trips to the Deep South or even the East Coast require a lot of preparation. Be sure to only bring lightweight clothing. Leave the jeans, wool sweaters, and tennis shoes at home. Even if sitting inside, sweat can form anywhere on the body. To keep as cool as possible, dress like the locals. Men in the south often wear short chino shorts with light polo shirts or t-shirts. Boat shoes, although popular in the south and east, do not allow for proper ventilation of the foot. Opt for a pair of flip-flops instead. Also keep in mind that humid areas are prone to daily afternoon thunderstorms, so it is important to pack a light rain jacket.

Cool Climates. While the South and West are baking, destinations in the Northwest and Northeast can remain quite cool in the summer months, In the Upper Midwest and Northwest, it is not uncommon for temperatures to dip into the 50’s during the night. While summer clothing is appropriate for these places, it is important to bring at least one pair of jeans and a sweatshirt in order to stay comfortable. Cities like San Francisco and Seattle can remain mild and relatively pleasant all summer.

The most important part of packing for any trip is researching the climate and types of activities that your destination will offer. Check the weather, and the fashion will fall into place for your next vacation.

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