Pencils for Your Nails and Eyes

by Jane Wangersky | April 4th, 2013 | Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion

SONY DSCNot being handy with a brush, I tend toward cosmetics in the shapes of writing implements. Here are a couple in pencil form that I’ve recently tried and liked.

The Sally Hansen 2-in-1 Nail White Pencil promises to help you “enhance the clean white look of nail tips.” Of course, you’ve got to get it before it can be enhanced, but once your nails are scrubbed out, this is a good way to play up their clean look. It’s also a quicker, easier alternative to a French manicure. The differences are that the white color goes on the inner side of the nail, and that, of course, you can only extend it as far as your actual nail tip goes. (Since some of my nails are quite worn down, I ended up with very narrow white rims on them indeed). The pencil has to be damp to work, and you may have to go over your nails a few times. It also takes practice to stop getting it on your fingertips. Once it’s in place, it’ll stand up to a couple of hand washes and looks especially nice under a coat of clear nail polish. (The pencil’s also a cuticle pusher, but I’ve never been sure how far back my cuticles are supposed to go).

Light eyeliner pencil is said to make your eyes look brighter and more open, so I thought I’d try it out, after a lifetime of using only dark liquid eyeliner (and an attempt to use concealer inside my lower lash line — don’t try this at home, kids). This time I went for the dollar store brand, Jordana, choosing silver (read: grey, there was nothing metallic in the color), because I was afraid pure white would look harsh. The effect was so subtle that at first I wasn’t sure I’d put on enough; then I saw that there did seem to be a little more light in my eyes. Not bad for a pencil line. A little dark liner under just the outer corner of your eyes will enhance the effect.

With any pencil product, it’s important to keep it sharpened — not to a needle point, obviously, especially for eyeliner, but to the point where you don’t have to press too hard to apply it. And spend the money for the special sharpener; the ones you use for regular pencils won’t work.

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