Perfect Accessories?

by Michele | November 24th, 2011 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

You have been shopping for hours.  Finally, you have found the exact outfit you want for the special occasion or event in the near future.  You know that you have shoes at home that will match, but you don’t have the accessories that will complete the outfit.  You now have to make an important decision. Do you spend a good amount of money to purchase the earrings and necklace that match the sweater?

If the accessories are absolutely perfect and budget isn’t a consideration, then it seems like a good purchase; however, if the accessories aren’t that special and you want to save some money, then you should pass on these items.  Saying no to them doesn’t mean that you need to go without; it is time to switch your shopping plan.

What you need to find is a bargain jewelry/accessories/make-up store, such as Claire’s or Icing.  Sure, you probably think of stores such as these as a popular teen destination.  And. . . they are.  In fact, they also have some great bargains for women.  If you want a pair of silver hoops or a rhinestone bracelet to perk up an outfit, you will find them at a store such as these.  In addition, they most likely will have a lower price than if you purchased them at the jewelry counter of a department store.

When shopping at one of these jewelry/accessories/make-up stores, it is important to pay attention to their sales.  Most often, if you purchase multiple jewelry items, you will save even more money.  For example, many offer the deal of “buy two pairs, get the third at half-price.” While you need only one pair of earrings for the occasion, think about other earrings that could add some flair to your wardrobe or consider what bracelet would add some depth to an outfit.

While the jewelry you purchase at these stores may not be the “perfect” match for your outfit, they will be the perfectly priced and well coordinated addition to your outfit.

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