Pillows Pack a Pleasing Punch

by Lori Sciame | April 20th, 2011 | Home Shopping

Round or square, big or small, accent pillows have the power to transform a room. They can add a dash of color, convey a feeling of home, and announce the changing of the seasons. If you want to add some “punch” to any room, consider investing in the many decorative pillows available.

When I think of pillows, the bedroom comes to mind first. Consider plumping up your bed with a plethora of accent pillows. What looks more inviting than a bed full of pillows? Pillow shams that match or contrast with the bedspread or duvet are a good start; however, by adding accent pillows, you create a sense of coziness, a perfect place to take a nap.

Another place that benefits from pillows is the kitchen. Consider adding pads – a form of pillow – to the chairs in the kitchen. A lot of time is spent seated at the kitchen table, not only while eating, but while doing homework as well. Chair pads can add an unexpected infusion of color, and they provide comfortable seating.

The living room, media room, and great room all deserve pillow placement. Sofas, sectionals, and chairs offer places to toss accent pillows. (Remember, most love using the pillows as extra support for the lower back). Pillows in these rooms are especially fun to change with the seasons. Local and national retailers all offer seasonal pillows, as well as options for favorite holidays.

A place you may not have thought to include pillows is in a child’s play room. Much of the time children love to play on the floor – think board games and Lincoln Logs – and parents often join in. Large pillows, made of heavy fabrics such as denim, are perfect for these times. In addition, smaller, soft pillows are great for playing “peek-a-boo” with infants and for helping toddlers learn to stack.

Of course a child’s room yearns for a variety of pillows as well. Options for kids are seemingly endless, with the most recent craze being “Pillow Pets.” There are also vibrant cartoon pillows, animal print pillows, and satin pillows, all of which compliment a child’s age. A key consideration with pillows for a child’s room (and playroom) includes making sure there are no parts that can come off. That may be a choking hazard. Also think ahead to the almost guaranteed pillow fight. Hence, no hard parts!

Finally, even a home office can benefit from adding pillows. Of course work is the key activity in an office, but comfort does not have to take a back seat because of that. Specially designed pillows, which enhance correct posture, can ease lower back pain. Accent pillows in other chairs in the room also invite visitors into the work space, and miniature pillows with inspirational sayings propped on shelves add a touch of whimsy.

As you can see from these suggestions, pillows not only decorate a space, they add comfort as well. They really do pack a pleasing punch!

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