3 Posh Plus Size Pants for Work

by Lori Sciame | November 13th, 2014 | Office Wear, Plus-Size Fashion, Women's Fashion

woman in pant suit (400x400)Each morning, millions of women across the United States ask themselves, “what am I going to wear to work today?”  While it may be a chore to dress for success day after day, month after month, year after year, one simple change can make doing so a lot easier.

The key: invest in slacks that not only complement your figure, but those that also exhibit a certain amount of pizazz. Check out the following posh plus size pants.  If you invest in several pair, dressing for the office each morning will become much more enjoyable.

Every plus sized woman should own a pair of wide leg trousers.  While you might think that this style will draw attention to your ample thighs in a negative way, they actually garner attention in a positive way.  In essence, the silhouette they create on the body looks dreamy.

Target features this style of pant in their fall/winter 2014 collection.  Check out these black, Merona trousers.  For less than $30, you can purchase pants that not only look good – but that feel good as well.  The wide waist band, pleats, and roomy legs amp up a woman’s comfort level considerably.

Crisp twill slacks should also find a place in your closet.  This is because the look is clean, making it the perfect pant to dress up or down.  Another positive feature concerns durability, as twill holds up when faced with multiple washings.  The fabric even resists fading.

Follow this link to view K-Mart’s Red Kap twill pant.  I guarantee you will be surprised at how cute these pants are, so much so that you’ll want to purchase all three available colors!

For important meetings, don a pair of suit pants.  Today’s suit pants, while slim fit in nature, still look great in plus size versions.  The tapered legs most certainly draw attention down to the narrowness of the ankle.  Pair these cuties with a tailored jacket for a meeting ready look, or opt for a crisp white button down blouse for more casual days.

Want to see H&M’s version of this posh style?  Click here.

Having the right pants in your office wardrobe is key.  Instead of viewing slacks as an after thought, readjust your thinking.  Posh pants actually deserve a special place in your closet.

My advice: take your time while shopping for clothes for work.  Try on lots of current styles and colors of trousers.  Eliminate distractions, and only take people with you who will give you honest feedback on how you look.

In the end, you will much happier if you buy pieces – including pants – that look good and feel even better.  Keep in mind, it’s easier than you think to  build an enviable office wardrobe.

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