Prom Dreses

by Bea | February 2nd, 2010 | Fashion, Women's Fashion

True, prom may be four, five, or even six months away, but that does not mean you should dismiss the idea of having to get a dress in the near future.

Going through the mall today  I realized that we were heading into prom season when I saw displays upon displays of dresses. From the time that I was going prom dress shopping until now, the styles have not changed too much. While many people opt for the princess or poofy ball gowns, the sleek and slim dresses are still a hit. Many of the styles this year have a solid colored piece of material at the top followed by a floor length silky slim crazy pattern. This year I also have seen a lot of dresses that cut in below the bust and back out above the waist to show one’s ribs. This year’s dresses also accentuate the lines of one’s back. They do this by having dresses with gorgeously cut backs, low cut patterns, coating the straps in crystals, and more.

Finding the perfect prom dress is hard. How beautiful your prom dress looks on a mannequin does not matter if the dress is not suited for your body style. Certain styles work best for certain body types. For instance, patterns give shape and definition to taller figures while solids elongate the petite. The petites are the type of girls who aren’t typically suited for Cinderella gowns because of the tiers and ruffles. Sheath prom dresses, or mermaid dresses, are complementary for petite girls and tall and thin girls, while high waist empire prom dresses are ideal for full figured women because they draw more attention to the bust-line instead of the waist. These girls are also typically flattered more in halter prom dresses.

Finding the perfect dress isn’t easy–or cheap. However, once you do find it, it is a great feeling. One thing to make sure of is that no one else has your dress. See if your school has a “prom dresses 2010” group on Facebook or something that allows people to post/claim their dresses. If they don’t, make a site! There’s nothing worse than seeing someone else with your dress on the dance floor.

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