Proper Shorts Styling

by Jacob Parzych | April 10th, 2014 | Men's Shopping

man shorts (400x400)As spring starts to roll in, I can now say I have worn shorts for the first time this year.  It was a balmy 54 degrees out in New Hampshire and I thought that it was worth celebrating such fantastic weather.  However, the beginning of shorts season starts to raise the question: what are the fashion rules for men and shorts?

First of all, you need to decide if it appropriate to wear shorts.  If you are in a business setting or a formal event, wear pants.  Anytime that you are expected to wear a jacket or tie, you should not be wearing shorts (unless you are in the Bahamas).  However, if it is warm out and you are in a casual or athletic setting, go ahead and wear shorts.  No one will doubt you.

Next, you need to determine the appropriate length for your shorts.  If your shorts extend below your knees (with the exception of athletic shorts), you need to get new shorts.  This makes your legs shorter than they are and, more importantly, makes you look like a 15-year-old wanna be gangster.  Last time I checked, that isn’t the pinnacle of high fashion.  I prefer anything between the midline of the knee and 2 inches above the knee.  I try to avoid showing off more thigh than that, mainly because I have pasty white thighs and don’t plan on showing them off to everyone.

You also need to decide on the style of shorts you are going to wear.  Bahama, flat front, and cargo shorts are the most popular options.  While cargo shorts are versatile, they can look very dumb and add a considerable amount of bulk to your thighs and butt, which can be less than flattering, especially if you have small calves.  Flat front and Bahama shorts are more fun.  Personally, I prefer Bahama shorts because the colors are more fun.

If you noticed, I did not mention pleated or athletic shorts.  As for pleated shorts, they make you look like an elderly man.  So there’s that.  And as for the athletic shorts, well, I think you should safely be able to pick your own.  Just don’t wear them in public unless you are currently running, biking, or at the gym.

With all that said, you are on the road to wearing shorts all summer long.  Have a good summer and enjoy the tan on your lower legs.

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