Purse Snatching Alert! How to Not Fall Prey to a Thief

by Patti | January 28th, 2009 | Shopping Secrets, Women's Fashion

You are out enjoying an afternoon shopping with your best gal pal, and suddenly you cannot find your purse. Panic sets in as you search frantically for a purse that has all but vanished. Or maybe you are grocery shopping with the kids. Or maybe your purse disappears while out having supper with your husband at your favorite restaurant. A purse that has disappeared is a purse that is gone, regardless of the setting. The reaction is still the same- disbelief, fear and anger.

Purse snatching is much more common than you might think. For most thieves, this is one of the simplest crimes to commit as many women leave their homes and go out without the slightest worry that their purses could be taken from them.

Here are some ways you can help prevent your purse from being the next one showing up on a police report:

Most thieves work in pairs, and they work in crowded places where lots of people congregate. One thief will create a diversion while the other nabs a purse and takes off with it. Keep your purse close to you at all times. Don’t let it out of your sight, and don’t let even the slightest diversion catch you off guard.

Do not set your purse on the floor at a restaurant or in a dressing room. Do not leave it in a shopping cart unattended, and do not hang it on the back of a chair. If you absolutely must put your purse on the floor, then wrap the strap around your ankle or attach it to the leg of a chair.

Buy a purse that is as thief-resistant as possible. Choose one that is made with a flap that has a clasp over a zippered compartment. This provides an extra measure of security for the contents. Avoid purses that have open compartments that cannot be secured as this makes it incredibly easy for a thief to reach a hand in and grab your wallet. Handbags with drawstrings and/or pressure clasps are not very safe either.

Carry your purse as close to your chest as possible and high up on your body. The closer it is to your underarm the better. Backpack purses are not a safe option and neither are purses that hang too low at your side.

  1. Babette says:

    The mom of my son’s classmate was picking up some oranges with the shopping cart close to her (it was touching her hip). Her purse was on the child carrier part of the cart. When she turned around, her purse was gone. It goes to show how brazen these crooks are.

  2. redkathy says:

    One time my whole shopping cart was taken at a local Wal-Mart….. the only time I ever left my purse in it! Great post, and reminder thanks!

  3. Samuel says:

    My wife’s purse is one that allows her to sling it across her body and carry in the front. Great idea about wrapping it around your chair or ankle…I’ll be sure to pass it on.

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