Readers as an Accessory

by Lori Sciame | October 10th, 2012 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

Women of a certain age will most likely need reading glasses. Thank goodness stereotypes concerning readers have died.  Do you remember the old woman with glasses perched at the end of her nose with the ear pieces attached to a silver chain?  Or the middle-aged man with huge, Mister Magoo eyes?

Times have changed society’s perception of readers for the better.  In fact,  today’s stylish woman can  embrace the need for these glasses because they can actually work to accent different clothing styles.

For instance, if a gal feels cheeky, she could purchase cat eye readers in brilliant red or dazzling yellow.  Pair the glasses with a period up-do, black leggings, and a cashmere sweater for fun and stylish look.

On the other hand, if a woman wants to be taken seriously at work, she can have several substantial pairs of readers in serious colors – such as gray, navy, or black. Match the glasses to an impeccable suit, and co-workers will give the attention deserved.

Speaking of wanted attention, thick, black Buddy Holly frames have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity, and women (even those of a somewhat advanced age) can participate in the trend with readers.  No one need know that these hipster glasses actually help her see better!

Finally, readers can promote a sexy image.  Those with embellishments, such a rhinestones, look super hot when sitting next to a fire reading.

In addition to their sheer versatility as an accessory, readers can be purchased at reasonable prices.  Even local dollar stores offer a number of decent choices.  But if a woman wants to fully take advantage of reading glasses as an accessory, she should check out ReadingGlasses.com.  This company claims to be the world’s largest designer reading glasses store, and I believe them!

Although they offered literally dozens of cute styles for around $39.00, they had choices at all price increments, in too many colors and styles to mention.  It is a  fantastic site for a plethora of chic options.

Another great website for stylish readers – Walmart.com.  They have plenty of Wink readers in cute colors and patterns.  Versions in multi-colored stripes and sassy color combinations appealed the most to the inner diva in me. And ranging in price from $9 – $12, they also appealed to the inner savvy shopper!

The days of being ashamed of reading glasses have vanished.  Modern women choose instead to make the best of them by buying several pair to use as accessories.  From playful to serious – and anywhere in between – this little accessory can certainly boost any woman’s style.

If you know of another source for super cute and reasonably priced readers, leave a comment below.

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